Masonry Supplies in Cortland, NY

Masonry Supplies
Northern Block Cortland is your trusted source for masonry supplies, stocking all the products necessary for a residential or commercial construction project. Whether you’re building a new patio at home or need masonry materials for a new commercial space, we have a wide range of bagged goods—including bagged mortar and bagged concrete—and landscaping pavers and offer convenient delivery to make it easy to get exactly what you need.

Masonry Supplies

Whether your project calls for brick or even decorative stone veneer, Northern Block Cortland is the area’s leading resource for masonry and concrete. We carry the materials you need for a variety of residential and commercial projects, from landscaping walls to veneer stone and masonry block concrete. Our friendly team is ready to help you sort through the multitude of colors, shapes and textures in our product lines—the only limit is your own imagination! The following masonry supplies (and much more) and bagged goods are always in stock:

  • Bagged concrete
  • Bagged mortar
  • Concrete tools
  • Masonry block concrete
  • Masonry equipment
  • Stone veneer

Material Brands

We only carry products from the leading brands, providing quality you can rely on for both indoor projects and outdoor projects that need to stand up to the elements. We know that the quality of products is second only to skill, which is why our selection is cultivated with care. Brands we proudly carry include:

  • Conproco
  • Hohmann Barnard
  • Kraft Tools
  • Pace Maker
  • Prime Source
  • Prosoco
  • Provia
  • Quikrete
  • Soloman Colors
  • York Lentels

Hardscape Supply

Create outdoor spaces that look great and last for years with hardscaping materials. We have a huge variety of pavers and stones to give any outdoor living space, walkway, driveway or terrace a designer look. Our stock includes both landscaping pavers and landscaping walls.

Concrete Tools

Discover Quality Materials

Northern Block Cortland helps designers, contractors and DIY-ers bring designs to life with quality masonry and hardscaping supplies from trusted brands. Contact us today 607-753-9318 to learn more about our quality bagged goods and services.

For residential or commercial masonry needs, look to Northern Block Cortland. 607-753-9318

Bagged Goods

Property Repairs That Should Be Left Exclusively to Professionals

As a homeowner, you know that a home requires constant upkeep. Sometimes it is possible to save money by taking care of smaller renovations yourself, however, other jobs require special expertise and concrete tools if they are going to be completed safely and effectively. This is especially true when it comes to ensuring your home’s value increases. When it comes to the below tasks, it is worth hiring a professional.

Repainting the exterior

Painting the exterior of a home is a huge project that requires multiple steps. First, mildew and dirt need to be removed thorough using a power washing machine. This will allow the flaking paint to be scraped away and caulk applied to any seams. This will allow the primer to be applied, followed by the actual paint. If you try to tackle this huge job yourself, it is likely you will be quickly overwhelmed—and odds are it will take you longer than you would like. Hiring a professional painter could cost $2,580 on average. Considering the amount would have to pay for the supplies and tools if you did the job yourself, this is well worth it.

Fixing the roof

Signs of a damaged roof can include leaks, mold growth, water stains on the ceiling or walls, and peeling paint. When you see these signs, get a professional roof inspection and repair done as soon as possible. It could cost within a range of $5,200 to $12,500 to replace the roof completely. Failing to address the issue will mean more damage to your property, decrease the value—and in the end cost you more money. As an example, if electrical wiring gets damp because of a faulty roof, you may have to completely rewire parts of your home. Damp wiring is also considered a fire hazard.

Fixing the septic tank

Septic systems allow for the safe removal of wastewater in areas that cannot be linked to a municipal sewer line. As wastewater can cause environmental damage and health problems if it is not properly maintained., You should consult a septic professional immediately if you notice any signs of a problems. Indicators that your septic tank may be failing include a slow-flushing toilet, backed up drains, spongy grass around the septic tank, or water pooling near the leech field. The cost of installing a new septic tank system could range from $4,000 to $14,000. Repairs could cost much less if caught early and repaired.

Installing a new furnace

Your furnace is an essential component of your heating system. The furnace ensures that you and your loved ones stay cozy when winter weather arrives. To avoid your furnace failing and leaving you freezing, learn to recognize early signs of issues that could arise. A faulty furnace could increase your utility bills that you cannot explain. This could cause a need to constantly adjust the thermostat. A rusted stove pipe are some of the signs that it’s time to call a professional. According to Furnace Price Guides, the average cost of gas furnace replacement is $2,990, whereas an Electric furnace installation is a bit less averaging, at $2,345. Oil furnace models cost average the highest repairs at $4,930.

Consider costs related to home renovations.

Some of the projects described above may require you to incur additional costs to accommodate the home improvement. As an example, if you have a septic tank issue that effects in your basement, you will want to clear out belongings for safety and to allow the workmen full access that they will need to do the repairs properly. As prices were researched online, it shows a variation in costs based on location. In Cortland, for instance, pricing starts at $41 a month.

Chimney Repairs

Spring it is time to ensure that your chimney is cleaned and inspected. This also needs to be checked in the fall; however, cleaning after a long cold winter is also recommended. Removing the creosote created with a wood burning stove over the heating season before it sets hard will prove to be most beneficial. Doing a structural inspection of the concrete block, flue liners, flue ring and stove pipe would be advantageous so that those repairs can be scheduled throughout the off-season to have the stove/fireplace ready when you need it. A professional can inspect the chimney and make repairs according to your state code. In case of a chimney fire, it is very important as most homeowner insurance companies will verify this was to code before any payments can be made. Not having your chimney up to code could allow the insurance company to deny the claim.

While hiring a professional to handle repairs like these will cost you, it is a worthwhile investment in your home. This could allow you to stay comfortable and help maintain the property’s value. If should you decide to put it your home on the real estate market, these repairs will be sure to sustain and possibly increase the value. Trust a professional for your masonry supplies, and you can be sure they will be done efficiently and effectively, with minimal stress on your part.

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Written by: Bret Engle